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Microsoft mn753x
May 31 11 Comments

How’s Tower Research Capital for TC? Also, does anyone know anything about how the comp is for developer positions? Do they pay as much as HRT ($150k base + $25k quarterly bonus for new grad)?


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  • Bloomberg / Eng

    Bloomberg Eng

    Go on... Is HRT really paying 2x for a new grad what everyone else is
    May 31 10
    • Microsoft mn753x
      The base has went up to 175k it seems. Do you know if Jane Street pays that much?
      Jun 1
    • Two Sigma SFuk703
      Jane Street this year for new grads is 150k base + 50k guaranteed bonus. Two Sigma is similar. I think Citadel and HRT pay the most but I hear they work their employees decently hard.
      Jun 1
    • Jane Street Capital 112358132I
      150k + 50k sounds like the standard offer from two years ago. I believe it’s 175/75/50 base/expected bonus/signing these days
      Jun 3
    • Two Sigma SFuk703
      Is this after negotiation? My Jane street offer last year was 150k base and my good friend's offer this year was also 150k base for SWE. Also for 10/10/2018 reported 150k base for a software developer.
      Jun 4
    • Jane Street Capital 112358132I
      The standard offer went up in 2019, and if you started before 2019 you base would have been adjusted at the beginning of this year. I don’t think our new grad offer is negotiable, but I could be wrong.
      Jun 5


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