Toxic Culture in Advancing Women in Product

New / ProductGeiA56
Mar 7 5 Comments

Beware before joining or partnering with Advancing Women in Product. As a non profit, they expect you to work 20-30 hours a week for free, you will get no recognition, all your work goes into making the CEO famous, people from the board have left because of its toxic culture. There numbers are fake in terms of funding, members, etc. Before you work or invest into this non profit, ask for proof on their women empowerment mission - they have none. This organization is completely the anti thesis to its mission- demoralizing women growth until you can be favorite of the CEO of AWIP which btw doesn’t help.


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Dropbox dorpbox
    Never heard of these people..
    Mar 81
    • New GeiA56
      It’s a non profit that started in Bay Area.
      Mar 21
  • Dropbox brbafd
    I’ve heard of them. I don’t find their programs very helpful
    Apr 120

    Sounds like an MLM
    Mar 270
  • LinkedIn tendies
    Mar 70

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