Toxic work environment, and HR appears to be ineffective or uninterested

Walmart XQLb37
Nov 9 7 Comments

Because of my upbringing, i have always been a believer in actions and destiny. So i totally hold myself responsible for running into Managers who owe their jobs more to ‘Relationship Management’ than any technical skill in hand.

These managers unfortunately don’t see any personal benefit in being professional with people like me; visa dependent (managers know they can abuse), partially technical (it’s not too tough for people like me to land something but it’s not very easy), not caucasian (i don’t get the preferred skin color treatment), and finally a male (they don’t get to benefit from diversity clause with me, or from various programs running to help the other gender).

So, non-citizen/GC, non-100% technical, non-white, and non-female. Seems i am fair game for the managers to treat me the way they like. Reported to the HR, but they would be interested if there is a clear policy violation (like corruption etc). and then they would have ammunition to act.

For other things like abuse at work, nepotism, bias in salary - the HR simply seemed to just wash their hands off.

So don’t ever think of HR as someone who will actually go the extra mile (or even the regular mile) to dig into a reported matter, and make working conditons better for employees. The HR is largely there to give an impression of promoting good work culture practices. “An impression.” That’s it.

So, my friends, in life everything is fair. Someone screws you over (your managers, your HR), it is fair. On the same note, you screwing over others is fair too. The way you did something to deserve the crap, the same way the people you are screwing over did something too.

So, everything is fair in the world. You take, to your best, the shit that comes your way. And you shouldn’t hesitate in giving shit to others and making their lives miserable.

If it can’t be explained, it must be destiny. Yay, top fortune company.


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  • Sauce Labs blind pug
    You should consider dropping the concept of destiny from your world view. It's (ironically) an perspective that surrenders responsibility for your condition. Also, there's a lot of lame people in the world who are in positions of power that they don't deserve. If you really believe in action, go find a different, better position and tell HR and your boss's boss on the way out exactly why you're leaving. Even if HR won't act, it's your boss's job to attract and retain talent. His manager should know he's failing at it. Good luck!
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  • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
    Nov 9 0
  • Facebook public2
    No. Life isn't fair. Play your hand the best you can.
    Nov 9 1
  • Intel / Eng Feetcode
    Life is not fair but you can always win in it.
    Nov 9 0
  • Avanade / Consultant gitPullAll
    Can you give an example of how your managers mistreat you?
    Nov 9 0
  • Walmart 👸queen
    Nope life is not fair! And it is totally wrong to think that something bad happened to you cause you deserved it! That’s very low self esteem right there and that’s what your manager is able to see and does not treat you well. Have good morale and do not expect only good things will happen. God tests you for your morals, by giving you tough time and that’s when you end up learning the most. But with your mindset you will end up becoming like your manager and sing kyun ki saas Bhi kabhi bahu thi! I hope you are Indian! All the best.
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