Toxic work environment at Salesforce?

Autodesk EKFt17
Mar 4 9 Comments

I have an offer from Salesforce (sorry can't disclose anything more). While superficially I've heard it has been ranked at one of the top places to work for, and all throughout the hiring process I got the standard almost cultish "ohana" speil.

But lived in the Bay Area for a really long time (also went to school here), I have an extensive network of people who either work at Salesforce or were at Salesforce in the recent years. And mind you some of them have been very close friends.

Almost all of them suggested that Salesforce has a very toxic work culture. Politics is extensive. People are overworked, but at the same time their work isn't valued. Favoritism is rampant and mediocrity thrives. Some even mentioned systemic harassment and forcing out employees who didn't seem to be a good "fit". Promotions being blocked. People being berated in private meetings to employees being ridiculed by vps in public forums. The list is long. And most of them said they left within a 2-3 years and that it's almost an inside joke that when people reach 2 year mark, everyone in the teams start looking for replacements because the person would most probably be gone by the end of the year.

Is this all true? I mean there's always elements of that in all work spaces, but it seemed odd that almost every single person warned against joining, and even if I did take up the offer, I keep looking because I'd need another job in 2 years.

PS: they do pay a lot, so am really torn.


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  • Lending Club Cin:::::::
    TC or GTFO - no free advice
    Mar 4 0
  • Salesforce qawaaaj
    Don’t most ppl switch companies every 2 years in the Bay Area?
    Mar 4 0
  • McKinsey


    I have 2 close friends who have joined Salesforce over the past 2 years. I could offer a lot of insights, but... TC or GTFO
    Mar 4 0
  • Visa mFHa28
    Yes I felt the same way at sfdc... left within 2 years. I joined them back in 2009 fresh out of b school. The people I used to work with .. a group of 10.. no one still works there.
    Mar 4 0
  • Salesforce Lababab
    People are definitely not over worked, I’m surprised how good the WLB is. You will be promoted fast if you work smart and hard, also depends on the team and your manager. I had a good experience in general
    Mar 4 0
  • Salesforce qawaaaj
    Which cloud are you joining?
    Mar 4 0
  • Nvidia ECTT56
    Always depends on the team, but I've heard in addition to getting paid the wlb is good overall. Bad managers exist everywhere though..
    May 9 0
  • LabCorp / IT

    LabCorp IT

    Good to know..
    Mar 4 0
  • Salesforce / Eng

    Salesforce Eng

    Amazon, Microsoft
    I’m an anonymous chicken
    Like anywhere else you have good and bad teams and organizations. I’ve seen my share of politics but nothing more than other companies.

    One nice thing here is that you can actually change peoples minds; there are strong opinions all over but if you come in with data people tend to see it and adapt.
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