Tracking Work Computer Use?

Veritas / Strategy xWfa06
Feb 22 4 Comments

If you are a IT person, do you track the internet usage of employees in your company. I am not talking about illegal stuff but the more usual things such as visiting job sites - LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed - leetcoding, applying to jobs, you tube, personal finance links etc.

If you are a manager, do you get any such reports? Are they consolidated or by individual ever? Are people flagged for too much usage? Do you look at them?

What’s the policy and the reality in your company?


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  • Amazon notes
    Think about the complexity in trying to systematically determine whether a given activity is appropriate for a given role. For many roles even looking at job postings on competitor websites, YouTube videos (for training), LinkedIn cruising, etc are relevant for day-to-day responsibilities. Obviously some activities will never be appropriate, like file sharing, illegal streaming, pornography, etc - but you know not to do that anyway.
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  • New / Mgmt VSwf01
    Yes, it's tracked, maybe but actively but there's audit logs that can be dug up. Leave personal stuff at home and only use work computer for work
    Feb 22 0
  • New DvVM00
    illegal stuff? please explain. all big companies monitor this. nobody has time to actively look at it. it’s all saved for forensic analysis.

    it’s not an IT function. security analysts.
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  • Veritas / Strategy xWfa06
    *do you track
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