Trading Journal Excelsheet

Amazon namaska
Feb 8 4 Comments

Can anyone share a good trading journal Excelsheet template/format? Shouldn't be too complicated or need not to have too much detail. Targeted to make 2-3 trades daily.


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    Create a table in MySQL, postgres, etc.
    Feb 100
  • Apple uMJR33
    Mine is pretty simple, but I don’t do any complex analysis. It helps me to go back and read past comments and learn from past mistakes and reinforce good habits.
    Feb 90
  • Amazon namaska
    Stocks...yes actually I already made a simpler one for me. But still thinking how can I make it better specifically when I do analysis from the past.
    Feb 80
  • Apple uMJR33
    What are you gonna be trading? Stocks, options, futures? If you want something simple, it is better to make your own.
    Feb 80

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