Training Advice - Which certifications to get?

New / Mktg gpwqhs16
Sep 12 5 Comments

I’ve gotten a new role as a data analyst. Part of my TC is about $6k in annual training reimbursments.

I dont have much background beyond Udemy, some General Assembly courses, and stuff I picked up over the years in marketing.

Since I want to move into data science later, what certs if any, should I pursue?


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    Leetcode premium subscription, go to conferences; certs are USELESS.
    Sep 12 2
    • New / Mktg gpwqhs16
      So is Leetcode useful for non software engineers? Or I guess that’s what I’d be doing as a DS...?

      I don’t know much about Leetcode beyond it being incredibly popular. Is it that effective? And can it teach skills to a total novice?
      Sep 12
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      Pretty sure you'll get at least an algorithms round if you apply for DS positions at FANG, but I could be wrong.
      Sep 12
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    Microsoft, Google
    Sep 12 1
    • New / Mktg gpwqhs16
      I know that DS driver code, but the topics covered in a CISSP would be relevant?
      Sep 12