Transfer HSA fund from ConnectYourCare to Fidelity?

Microsoft xaml
Jan 15 7 Comments

2 questions:
1, is there any fee for transferring HSA fund out of ConnectYourCare?
2, Is it possible to transfer the investment without selling them?

Couldn’t find any information from CYC website, so checking out here if anyone had previous experience


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Microsoft nomiiiii
    Yes I just did this. Fee was $25. You do need to sell first within connect care, and once balance is in cash, you call them to make the transfer HSA to HSA. I haven't filed taxes yet but it's my understanding that this shouldn't cause a taxable event since everything still remains within hsa (hopefully that's correct, we'll see soon)
    Jan 15 3
    • Microsoft xaml
      Thanks for sharing.
      Jan 16
    • Salesforce 2438ez
      Who do you call and what information do you give them? No form to fill out online or send in?
      Jan 16
    • Microsoft nomiiiii
      I called umb bank hsa Dept, mostly to find the exact form to fill and which email to send the form to, so yeah, you do have go fill a form, take it's picture, and email it. Seemed easy enough.
      Jan 16
  • Uber BWhF42
    Why transfer to fidelity? Anything special?
    Jan 16 2


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