Transfering jobs while waiting on I-751

Amazon Pumpkin🧐
Nov 1, 2018 3 Comments

Amazon lawyers helped me file I-751 in January. Im done with biometrics and now waiting on an interview. Right now USCIS are looking at cases from 15-21 month ago. So they probably will not look at my case till mid next year.

Got an offer from Uber and asked them if they would provide a lawyer in the event a request for more evidence comes in or anything else is needed. The response was: "It's Uber's policy that once the employee has received their green card, the employee would be responsible for maintaining their own green card status."

My understanding is that normally a lawyer would attend the interview, but it's optional. This is where lawyers involvement seem to end too.

Should I still make a switch despite Uber not wanting to help with the case or stick with Amazon until I hear from USCIS?


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  • San Francisco International Airp LBUi72
    Isn't a 3rd option that you hire an attorney for the interview? Include the cost in the negotiations with Uber... Though I can't imagine it being more than $2-3k.
    Nov 1, 2018 2
    • Amazon Pumpkin🧐
      Good call. So:
      1) switch to Uber, all lawyer work is already done, it's just a waiting game
      2) don't switch, since Amazon has been awesome in covering all expenses and already has context of the case
      3) Hire a lawyer and transfer the case to them(of pay to the same form that Amazon hires if that's an option)
      Nov 1, 2018
    • San Francisco International Airp LBUi72
      Regarding #2, don't stay because they provided a service that helped you through a process that directly benefits them. What I'm saying is, make your decision based on fit, work, and TC... Not which method has an attorney next to you. Having an immigration attorney help on your case can happen without any company's involvement.
      Nov 1, 2018


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