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New cod-e
Apr 9 5 Comments

How good is engineering at Transferwise in terms of growth, compensation and prestige?

Current TC: 90k


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  • New / Eng wiring
    Prestige is not good at all. They will pay you low salary and forget about private life. The company is a shithole.
    Apr 9 1
    • New cod-e
      Is the private life part because of too much work or "non-mandatory" afterwork team activities?

      Can you also elaborate a bit on why the company is a shithole? Because of toxic management? Bad culture? Extremely inferior tech?

      Did you work there before or have any friends working there?
      Apr 9
  • TransferWise vpGV11
    Management is bad on average, but it always depends on the team you land. I think Transferwise’s main issue is the illusion of a flat hierarchy.

    What happens in reality is, when there’s no “legitimate” power, people will fill the void regardless. So you end up with this dysfunctional company where the “rules” are different depending of what group you’re dealing with.

    It’s not a terrible company, but it feels a bit like a bunch of people together on a night out. You never know what to expect.

    Also bear in mind this is a product company and engineering is a second class citizen. The codebase is rubbish.

    If you have a good offer it’s worth considering.
    May 7 2
    • Chase BwSe48
      Do you have any idea what is normal salary ranges in NY office?
      Jun 4
    • TransferWise vpGV11
      Sorry, no idea.
      Jun 4


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