Transitioning from public sector

New iqnI81
Nov 11

I have 8 YOE total as a SWE, tech lead, and engineering manager (currently asst director level) at a large state university. I have enjoyed the flexibility, independence, and WLB but have hit the growth ceiling in my current org and am ready for a change of pace. SO has an opportunity in NYC and we are going.

I currently have 9 direct reports (all ICs) and have ~5 YOE as a manager. Have done a fair amount of project and product management at various points in addition to people management. I've been very technical on some projects (close to half-time writing code) and much higher level on others. Recent projects have been relatively large scale with significant executive visibility within the institution.

I intend to target engineering manager roles in FAANG/similar and one tier down. How is my public-sector experience likely to be viewed there? Priorities in my next job are TC, growth potential, WLB in that order. What is reasonable to expect?

For the interviewing process, I obviously need to be thoroughly prepared for behavioral management questions and system design. I've read mixed opinions on how much I should prepare for coding when interviewing as a manager? I develop regularly, but LC questions are different and my initial practice has indicated that I'm solid on Easy but am too rusty on CS fundamentals for most Med/Hard. I have a master's in CS and knew this stuff at one time, but it would take some work to bone back up.

TC: $125k + government benefits. Low CoL area.


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