Transitioning into a Hardware TPM role

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Hardware Engineer at a startup
Jun 28 3 Comments

I've been working as the lead hardware engineer at a startup for 2 years now. The role responsibilities can be split up as 70% hardware design and 30% manager. I'm looking to move into a TPM role at one of the big tech companies in the Bay area. How should I go about preparing for the interview? Is it going to be mostly behavioral questions?


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  • Google / R&D ubjvhhfvh
    I am a TPM in a HW group at Google, and for me most of the interview was behavioral in the sense of, “how would you manage these different situations”, some of which were technical challenges and some were organizational. I had a couple interviews on domain-specific knowledge of course.
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  • BYTON oh Stupid
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  • Uber bEUE45
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