Travel after H1B Transfer is approved

eBay / Eng yolo!!!
Jun 7 5 Comments

Recently, my H1B transfer petition has got approved. However, I haven't resigned from my current job. I have an upcoming international trip.
Currently, I don't have any H1 visa stamp on my passport. I would need to get one in order to enter US again.

Could anyone please let me know if I need visa stamp for the current company or the new one ?

Does it matter if we change more than 2 companies without getting a visa stamp (change of status)?

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  • DigitalOcean howdoyouDO
    Your new company has a relationship with an immigration attorney (the one that handled your H1B transfer). They will probably answer a simple yes/no question over email. I wouldn't risk going out of the US without getting an expert opinion, there are nuances that lay people are unfamiliar with.
    Jun 7 1
    • eBay / Eng yolo!!!
      Thanks I will do that.
      Jun 7
  • Chase zTnH87
    If u go out of USA, u will need valid current company visa to enter USA
    Jun 7 1
    • eBay / Eng yolo!!!
      Wouldn't it be an issue in the visa interview if I apply for H1B with my current employer and not the new one?
      Jun 7
  • Amazon RS1009
    I am in the same boat. What did you find out and ended up doing ?
    Jun 14 0