Travel after H1B transfer

Apple vcgh
Aug 5 6 Comments

Currently at Apple, I got a offer from FAANG, submitted docs for H1B transfer last week under premium, expecting H1B transfer complete by 8/20.

I negotiated a 9/16 joining date.

Can I resign on 8/20 after my H1B transfer is done and travel to another country/India and return back before my joining date.

What do I need to be careful about when entering back to US.

has anyone done it ?

TC - 210k


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  • T-Mobile browneyedbear
    Ask your attorneys from FAANG. Don't go by blind.
    Aug 5 0
  • Oracle pzd
    I am not a lawyer, so simply sharing my experience here - almost every time I arrived on H1B, I was asked if I work for the same company as mentioned on my stamp. I'd imagine if you are asked the same, and you answer no, then they might ask you to show some form of employment verification and i797 approval notice.

    So I see a couple of options for you - get a new stamp while in India, or join and then leave the US. immigration officers at the border have a wide latitude over who they allow or deny entry. I wouldn't take a chance based on speculation.
    Aug 5 1
    • Apple vcgh
      I have a similar thought process.

      1. If I don’t join but have a approval, can I get a stamp in india

      2. Joining and leaving may not be possible.
      Aug 5
  • VMware peMa27
    Traveling to India?
    Aug 5 1
    • Apple vcgh
      Aug 5
  • Arista Networks jfkjfjci
    Search old posts on blind. Seems like some people have done it in past and entering with old stamp and new I797 was not an issue.
    Aug 9 0