Travel and stay in Mexico

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Apr 11 6 Comments

Planning a road trip to Tijuana. Is it safe to drive there and stay at an Airbnb? Please share if anyone has been there most recently. What to avoid and look out for in Mexico.



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  • Facebook gluteus
    Tijuana is a shit hole. Poor and dirty and filled with traffickers. Do not go
    Apr 11 0
  • Amazon Akeem
    I’m a Hispanic and I DON’T travel to Mexico unless it is absolutely necessary. I would much rather go visit places where I will not be extorted by the police. As a foreigner, you are watched and targeted. A very dear friend of mine was targeted by some folks and the police was in on it. My wife’s watch was stolen in Cancun from within our bag at a 5 star resort in Cancun. Go spend your hard earned dollars anywhere else! Go to Aruba. Go to Hawaii! Go to Miami! Go to Grand Cayman (awesome btw)! I am sure there have been many that have visited with no issues. I, personally, try to reduce my risk.
    Apr 11 1
    • Intel Who.Dis
      So it’s like Vegas, but the house odds are stacked in favor of robbery?
      Apr 11
  • Google / Eng BiggusD
    Stay out of the ghetto areas and don't take a car that's too flashy and you'll be fine. Also if a cop car is going by with just the flashing lights on ignore it they routinely patrol like that, if it has the siren on too then do pull over.
    Apr 11 0
  • Apple Icml2017
    What do you like to do in Tijuana? Not really a nice place other than good food, I would say!
    Apr 11 0
  • Microsoft antartica
    Go have fun!
    Apr 11 0


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