Travel on EAD/AP

Bayer ndmz64
Feb 11 4 Comments

Has anyone travelled outside and reentered US on EAD/AP? Do the airlines know how to deal with situation? How was your overall experience? I know there is very high chance that they pull you over for secondary inspection at the port of entry.


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  • Ya no issues done it 3 to 4 times. You will be sent to secondary . Within 10 to 20 mins depending upon the rush they will hand you the passport and your EAD AP card.
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  • Broadcom Ltd. / Eng

    Broadcom Ltd. Eng

    Intel, Broadcom Ltd.
    I travelled with it to Canada and back a few times (I am Canadian by the way). Flying into US from Canada is a bit different because the USCBP is on the Canadian side (called pre-flight inspection). But the general procedure of entering on AP is the same. They will for sure take you to secondary inspection because AP needs special processing. The key thing is to avoid busy airports. The wait times in airports like JFK, LAX, Toronto and Vancouver are pretty bad. I came back thru Ottawa and Calgary and the entire process never took more than 10 minutes.
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  • Bayer ndmz64
    Clarification: this is for EAD/AP while waiting for Green Card and not the OPT EAD.
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    • Apple any1butme
      No issues. Airlines are suppose to know AP is a valid re entry doc. I have done it personally.
      Feb 11