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Google blackshep
Apr 11 20 Comments

Am curious to know what are the travel perks/policies in major companies.
I'll start off with Google:

Flights(local and international):
- there's an algorithm that calculates a trip cap for flights between 2 locations. It is generous enough that you usually are able to book a business class 70-80% of the time, especially if you book early or are a bit flexible with the dates. For cases where a business class is more than the cap limit, you can either pay the difference using trip credits or own out of pocket.

Again an algorithm calculates a trip cap for hotels based on location. Usually generous enough for a 4 star hotel. Especially if you shop around or use the corporate discount.

Trip cap and credits:
The way this works is that the algorithm calculates say $1000 cap for the flight/hotels. Assuming you only spend $200. So you saved the company $800. 50% of that($400) is credited back to you as stored trip credits. Win-win you are incentivized to help the company save money. You can use that for future travels to upgrade your flights/hotels etc. So generally speaking..for every ~3-5 times I choose to fly economy, I get enough credits to upgrade the next flight to a 1st or suite (if I book early and am flexible).

80 usd per day. Usually I don't even come close if I am visiting a remote office, since google provides food and the quality is generally good enough for me.

Am curious to know how are the other companies like, especially FAANG, Airbnb, Uber, LinkedIN, Twitter etc


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  • Amazon qazwsxedc1
    Cries in Amazon
    Apr 11 2
    • Google topCon
      Economy is better than cargo. And free flight meals are better than bananas.
      Apr 11
    • Amazon / Eng thepolice
      Economy flights, but I don’t have a meal cap per day. Usually what happens is the visiting team member will always pay for team outings, where everything can be expended (including drinks)
      Apr 11
  • F5 Networks RRA
    Amazon people: Do they at least ship you in Prime?
    Apr 11 0
  • SpaceX SlaveX420
    $30 a day for food. Must take lowest airfare, can only book at approved hotels. Plus side they allow for 1 drink in the $30 a day for food.
    Apr 11 0
  • Apple / Eng fruitco334
    OP’s trip credit system is very novel, I like that.

    Domestic flights are economy unless it’s a red eye, them biz. International flights are business. Hotels are arranged mostly via big brands, I think they have a discount with like Hilton and Marriott.

    My favorite thing is that I was able to take advantage of corporate match and get JetBlue Mosaic status for nothing. If you know about airline frequent flyer programs, mosaic cannot be bought or acquired by means other than actually flying so this is a major coup.

    They have similar programs with United American Delta etc but I don’t fly them as much as Jetblue.
    Apr 11 0
  • Dropbox systest
    Do you have to be L6 and above to get these benefits? Or open to everyone?
    Apr 11 2
    • Google blackshep
      Anyone. Do share Dropbox travel perks too
      Apr 11
    • Dropbox systest
      I only travelled once a few years ago so I’m not too familiar. We used Egencia and it will pick some flights for you, all economy class. Flight costs are compared to cheapest option (spirit airlines) and if difference is too high it must be approved by manager. You can pick your own hotel.
      Apr 11
  • Amazon vr38dett
    Amazon is partnered with Delta. If you book travel through the portal, Delta will recognize you are traveling for business and put you towards the front for upgrades. I get in Comfort+ most of the time, got bumped to First a handful. As for hotels, the portal calculates the average per night in the city you're searching. I usually book on my own separately to get my Platinum benefits while making sure I'm below the average.
    Apr 12 0
  • New adjkfie
    Wait so with google you can travel anywhere for fun using travel perk? Or is it for business travel?
    Apr 11 1
  • Gap / Eng randUser
    We get to fly coach to SF and spend a little money each day and stay in a decent hotel
    Apr 11 0
  • Google Fgert
    Yeah I wonder how long before this benefit is taken away. Or how many people fully use it, meaning max out per diem and trip credits and whether managers notice it if you do. Attest that it's available regardless of level.
    Apr 11 0
  • Oracle jekdjdh
    OP does Google’s algorithm factor in what level you are, or is the cap the same regardless of level?
    Apr 12 1
    • Google Fgert
      Pretty sure it's the same at least up to l6
      Apr 12
  • Microsoft / Eng cholical
    I travel quite a bit for Microsoft. Flights are generally economy but if I book early I can get business class once in a while. I only stay at Hilton's but in general any 4 star and is fine. 5 star is okay if price is relatively the same. I can do alt travel without asking if the price is +- 100 dollars and pay the difference if greater than 100. For Meals, no questions asked/no receipts required if it's under 75 per day but I've gone over 80 without any issues. I usually take uber and can expense a few personal rides as well like for dinner etc. Since expenses are manager approved, most of the time if it's within reason and clearly not abuse, then it's fine.
    Apr 11 1
    • Microsoft / Eng cholical
      Only thing I don't like is we have to use a corporate card. I'd rather use a personal one with better rewards for travel.
      Apr 11
  • Facebook sum41pwd
    $75/day travel meal budget, most local flights are economy, over a certain distance, you can book business class. Hotels generally capped at $300/night, but exceptions are made for expensive cities. You can basically book any hotel or flight or Airbnb within the guidelines, you get to keep your hotel, airline and credit card points.
    Apr 11 0
  • Wayfair / Eng

    Wayfair Eng

    We have $55 dollars a day for all three meals, less for international, must book the cheapest economy ticket we can find (and must search in a six hour time frame), must also book cheapest hotel. Usually Quinta quality level.
    Apr 11 0


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