Travel sites use cookies to target individual customers for dynamic pricing?

Microsoft / Engu7huyt54
May 4 9 Comments

I have noticed that sites like Expedia, google flights, kayak dynamically increase fares often within the day - just because I have looked several times at the fare for THAT specific route on a specific day.

Switching to my office laptop shows the earlier cheaper fare and/or checking the itinerary a day later apparently resets the cookie.

Is this even legal? Or was just coincidence or this is common practice that the legal eyes have already pondered over and concluded there is nothing that can be done.


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Expedia Hmmmm!
    As far as I know we don’t do anything like that.
    May 42
    • Microsoft / Engu7huyt54
      My reaction would be your username.
      May 4
    • Commvault / ITfarPtr
      My reaction would be..Haan bos-d-k.😀
      May 5
  • Microsoft


    It's a thing. Always browse incognito
    May 50
  • Microsoft


    No. Flight pricing globally uses old technology that doesn’t support this. The fares you see on one site are the same that everyone else sees.

    At least one airline (Southwest, if I remember correctly) wants to develop technology that could do this but it’s not there yet
    May 50
  • Tableau / Eng


    I've heard it many times, but I could never repro it
    May 51
    • Microsoft / Engu7huyt54
      I could do it a couple of times. To put it correctly I stumbled on it.
      May 5
    Either a cache or a/b testing and at the checkout the price would be equal. It's all about the volume, winner takes all.
  • Expedia ulitka
    That’s not a thing, air supply systems from airlines have some rudimentary triggers that may adjust the price based on the number of seats sold , but they’re crude.
    What you’re seeing is likely related to caches , bet if you try to buy the lower price, even on the airline’s site, it will change the price on the checkout page.
    May 50

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