Travel to India when an H1 transfer is filed

Gogo / Eng2390
Dec 4

I have applied for an H1-b transfer is it safe to travel to India. I am still working with my existing company and will join the new company only when my H1-b transfer is approved


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  • eBay aXafejdiw
    There should not be any issues
    Dec 40
  • DoorDash DD++
    As long as the petition is filed when you are physically in the US and you're carrying the receipt notice, you should be fine. The other requirement being that you have a valid H1B visa stamp from your current employer.
    Dec 40
  • Broadcom Ltd. TkbL00
    Checked with the new company attorney regarding the same. Was told it’s fine to travel but carry receipt notice for new H1b (along with other usual documents)
    Dec 40
  • If existing stamp is valid, shouldn’t be any issues
    Dec 40

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