Travelling to US and about to resign

Microsoft pronedrone
May 5 11 Comments

I work for an Indian Microsoft office. A couple of weeks back, my manager asked me to travel to US to attend a conference at Redmond office in end of May. Today, I received an offer letter from an organisation I want to join!
When should I tell this to my manager given the following variables:

* Being on payroll till 30june makes me eligible for year end bonus so I don't want to resign before 15th May.
* I would like to travel to US but I feel that Microsoft would want to cancel my tickets and everything because my travel might not be of much use.
* Would like to avoid burning bridges.
* I'm flying out around mid of may.


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  • Verizon / Eng ComTruis3
    If your attendance at the conference in Redmond is being provided to enhance your day to day job duties, that will be a total douche move on your part. On the other hand, you have to ask yourself, if layoffs are happening, will they think for a sec before showing you the door. Do it if you have never been to the US and buffer about 3-4 weeks after coming back before telling your manger.
    May 5 0
  • Amazon freshgrad
    Find some other reason to cancel the trip. Like you are sick or something.
    May 5 1
    • Microsoft PltnmPlaya
      That would be a very good deed.
      May 5
  • F5 Networks / Eng moveon?
    Ask for the new role to start on July 1st-15th, resign on June 15th?
    May 5 0
  • Microsoft indijones
    Why will the trip be not of much use? If you’re being sent with expectations of building relationships and setting up some future work then of course it will be wasted and likely they will be quite justifiably upset (so much for not burning bridges).

    If it isn’t anything major, they may just say go anyway—talk to them. After all they were the ones wanting to send you in the first place.

    What’s in it for you? If it’s just a trip, like someone said, a 2k holiday doesn’t seem to be worth this kind of hassle. Assuming you’re junior if this is a draw for you; there will be many other opportunities in the future, and also more money, so I wouldn’t try to optimise for this.

    Also 1) if you believe that your manager will be pissed off enough to cancel a booked trip out of spite, you might also believe that they will lowball your rewards, 2) if you’re leaving for a competitor it is standard to enforce walkout and max 2 weeks notice.
    May 7 0
  • New / Eng zzzzzz-ZZ
    go enjoy the trip , then put in notice
    May 6 0
  • Intel Act2016
    Once you get a paycheck your contract with the company is up and renewed for one more pay period. They would fire you as needed. So do the needful
    May 6 0
  • Why is this even a dilemma ? Just tell your manager everything you posted here. He will work out a plan for you.
    May 6 0
  • Apple net worth
    The cost of travel to USA and see Seattle is $1000 for plane ticket plus $1000 for hotel and food for 5 days. You could take a vacation and spend that money if you wanted to see USA. Plus no need to attend any boring work events. If $2000 is going to be difficult to make quickly then yes take the trip. Else you are unnecessarily burning bridges for a small amount of money. Try to get other company to offer extra sign on to cover this
    May 6 0
  • Microsoft IronMan_
    Pinky 🤣
    May 5 0
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    Wait it out. Stop worrying
    May 5 0


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