True Love Poll - Do you still love your Ex?

Walmart.com realDTrump
Jan 11

Love, I mean mentally attached to.
Ex, I mean any person you had before your current one.

I m not gonna put an option in the middle
so think through



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  • Evernote mjkx
    There's a huge difference between "love" and "mentally attached to"
    Jan 110
  • Axtria DesiLaunda
    It's not a yes/no question.
    Jan 110
  • Uber Deer
    I legitimately never think about my ex
    Jan 110
  • Bank of America blacKnight
    What is love ? It’s just needs... money, body, social, emotional...

    Love is illusionary word... don’t fall into this shit... it will drain you...
    Jan 110
  • Splunk wmpz
    Jan 110
  • Microsoft / Eng


    Adobe, Google
    What if I don't have an ex 🤔
    Jan 111
    • Axtria DesiLaunda
      You are the luckiest person around
      Jan 11
  • Salesforce lozere
    No. I just wish them all the best. Except for one (the first guy I dated at 20) who was kind of abusive, the others were loving relationships which just didn't work for various reasons. No hard feelings.

    They did however take me ages to get over!
    Jan 110
  • Nvidia zVEC05
    Yeah I still love my ex; I regret breaking up with her. I don’t know that we would have lasted given the people we were & I don’t think we’d work now given the people we’ve become. But no one else has made me happier than her. When I see her or have a dream with her, it fucks me up for the day. But I don’t obsess over her, I wish her the best in her life.
    Jan 110
  • Salesforce MorningLad
    Yes. Miss her everday. I don't have a "current one", though.
    Jan 111
  • Cloudflare / Engmyimouto
    get over it lmao
    Jan 110
  • No, I know how to invest my time and become billionaire and no one loves bald men.
    Jan 110

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