Trump bans network gear posing security risk

Cisco rjdq70
May 15 7 Comments

Is this the right move? Or are we just banning all Chinese companies when it’s only been proven that a select few have caused a security problem?

Poll: right move?



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  • OpenTable Meliodas
    China wasn’t mentioned in the ban.

    Instead, it gives the Commerce Secretary the authority to ban the import of gear or services from companies that have close ties to foreign governments and could use their equipment to monitor or disrupt U.S. telecommunications or other infrastructure.

    If Chinese companies have independence from the Chinese government or don’t have the ability to monitor or disrupt critical infrastructure, then they have nothing to worry about.
    May 150
  • T-Mobile / Designje9b3xa
    Communications infrastructure is the new battleground. China could sell and open door into infrastructure to one of our adversaries for attack potentially if politics get tough.
    May 160
  • Uber / EngmH7bSe
    China, please ban INTEL until they remove their stupid AMT/ME from their CPUs.
    May 150
  • It is purely a method to make sure that the US/European manufacturers can gain time to catch up with Huawei on 5G. Chinese R&D capability is fast catching up with ours and the US is prepared to do anything to gain an edge!! If you think the NSA and GCHQ aren’t closely monitoring our networks via the western manufacturers you are sadly mistaken!!
    May 160
  • ViaSat okeb30
    For the sake of a companies own IP I would think most want to take steps to avoid hardware which may pose a security risk anyway.
    May 160
  • Comcast / Sales


    Comcast Business, Zayo Group
    China already got caught doing this in Africa...
  • I can guarantee the US already has open doors into US and European networks... and probably the Chinese networks too!!
    May 160

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