Truth in dressing like you want to be paid?

New / MgmtRiverbed
May 15 16 Comments

Have you noticed a correlation with dressing nice and being treated differently or getting more TC?

If so, how?

What happened?

TC: 298
YOE: 6

Disclaimer: this question only applies to places without dress codes.


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TOP 16 Comments
  • ServiceNow idkdude
    i started wearing the same stupid Patagonia vests as upper management and got a promotion in 2 quarters
    May 153
    • New / MgmtRiverbed
      May 15
    • Google wdyt
      lol!! nice one
      May 15
    • Indeed *NDEED
      Did you pair it with brown loafers?
      May 15
  • Microsoft / EngEndgame22
    Is this excluding required dress code?
    May 152
    • New / MgmtRiverbed
      May 15
    • Microsoft / EngEndgame22
      Appearance is key. Better dressed and better looking people get rewarded
      May 15
  • New / Eng


    Working on Brain Machine Interfaces
    If you believe that shaving or getting a haircut makes a difference during interviews, why wouldn't dress? The only caveat is that in silicon valley, there's a semi casual norm that overrules formal or business dress codes, but you still wouldn't come in a dirty or even old, faded t-shirt to an interview.
    May 154
    • Google Resumé
      I think normal work is somewhat less formal than interview
      May 15
    • Travelport / Engbuttnpushr
      You could if you're senior enough to flex on the interviewers. Bonus big peepee energy for not showering within 3 days beforehand
      May 15
    • Amazon edyc6
      Wear new, expensive casual clothes to an interview so you look sharp but not like a dweeb.
      May 15
    • Netflix nflxos
      What @Amazon said. One needs to show they are “cool” but by choice and not because they are a slob.
      May 15
  • New / EngiDhF64
    I wear suits every day to an otherwise quite casual office - the difference in how you’re treated is remarkable and sometimes people who interview you, provided you have the charisma, may even feel intimidated and this usually works in your favour. However, if you’re going to wear a suit you better have the charisma to pull it off and the taste to not look like a salesman from Men’s Warehouse or god forbid a used car salesman. This means conservative but clean cuts and high quality fabrics and ties. Always black shoes and never brown shoes etc.
    May 150
  • Netflix nflxos
    “Projecting success” (haircut/clothes/car) definitely helps when applying for a higher level positions. I did some limited A/B testing 😀

    When applying to FAANG it is really nice if one can show they are not sure the company can even afford them. It’s 50% or more increase in comp. Hard part - the thin line between “cool successful guy” and “arrogant jerk”.
    May 152
    • Google / Eng


      [citation needed] I strongly suspect you don't know how hiring works at G.
      May 15
    • Netflix nflxos
      @Google When you are wrong, you are really wrong. I spent 5 years as Google L5 before moving to Netflix. I was interview trained and such. I know how it works.
      May 15

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