Tseries vs PewDiePie

Unity Lvl1Crook
Mar 14 17 Comments

Okay fellow leetcoders. How do we manage to get Pewdipie to get to 100M subs first and destroy Tseries?


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TOP 17 Comments
  • Qualtrics nglomg
    You're goin to find more t series supporters here than PewDiePie if you know what I mean
    Mar 144
    • Unity Lvl1Crook
      Mar 14
    • Citibank ic0n0clast
      Lol came here to say that. Tseries is like our atlantic records releasing songs for every major artist. Unfair competition but pewdiepie support is good. I hope it remains cut throat for some time.
      Mar 14
    • Yup!!
      Mar 14
    • Salesforce SSCU75
      I subbed to t series just so pewds would need more subs to win.
      Mar 14
  • Microsoft Dr. Root
    I'm Indian and I fckn hate T-series. Pewds aka Gloria Borger aka Felix will prevail. 🍻
    We have Elon Musk on our side guys, we can't lose !
    Mar 141
    • Google GodOfAllah
      You are what we technically refer to as Tom chacha.
      Mar 14
  • Microsoft naaam
    T-series FTW! 🤟😈
    Mar 140
  • Amazon Jd8xye
    Because you posted that, am gonna go subscribe for T-series 🤘
    Mar 140
  • New / OtherAuntHilda
    Thank you for the heads up. Just subscribed to Tseries and asked my homies to do the same.
    Mar 140
  • Tesla 100thieves
    What is this peepeedie?
    Mar 140
  • Tseries FTW
    Mar 140
  • Microsoft / Enghbchhc
    Mar 140
  • T-Mobile WozniAK
    Indian here: hold my beer 🍺
    Mar 141
    • Microsoft naaam
      T-mobile acquired by T-series 🤣
      Mar 14
  • Salesforce psiM71
    Shit I don't think I want to know what's that PeDoPie thing
    Mar 140
  • Facebook public2
    Was this English?
    Mar 140

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