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EAB yhPJ36
Aug 27 3 Comments

Hi all,

I have been practicing for interviews for over 2 months now(200+ LC problems) and applying to different companies for a month but given my frontend background, it is hard to find a position in big companies that matches my skills. I came across a Full-stack Frontend Engineer opening at Twitter that perfectly fits my skills and experiences. I would really appreciate if anyone working at Twitter could help me get a referral for this position. Thanks in advance.

Background: I completed my Bachelor’s degree in 2017 with double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. I have 2+ years of experience working in a mid-sized company. I am a full stack developer with experience in Javascript, Typescript, Angular/React, Python, Django, and MySQL. Apart from my full time job, I have also worked in numerous independent project including iOS apps and websites.


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  • New / Other hitmaan23
    What's the LC breakdown?
    Aug 27 1
    • EAB yhPJ36
      80 E, 130 M, 25 H
      Aug 29
  • Microsoft
    shenierb d


    Google, Amazon, Facebook
    shenierb dmore
    DM me please
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