Twitter, Square, Snap, & Dropbox referral

Microsoft EAqP66
Feb 4 11 Comments

Hello! Can anyone help me with referral for SDE at:




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  • Snapchat wu1212
    Send me your resume
    Feb 5 2
    • Works Applications / Eng ecea
      I sent you my resume a couple of days ago. Could you please check?
      Feb 5
    • Gartner fetachz
      Would you refer me to DS ML positions at Snapchat ??
      Apr 1
  • Twitter lakelale
    PM me with role and location preference for Twitter. Resume too.
    Feb 4 4
    • Microsoft EAqP66
      Messaged you, thanks!
      Feb 4
    • Does Twitter still do LC style interviews or moving away from LC? Do you guys ask Dynamic programming either in phone interview or on-sites?
      Feb 4
    • Twitter lakelale
      @Needprayer yes, at least the coding challenge and phone interview is LC styled. On site is very team specific. Dynamic programming can be asked, though very rare
      Feb 4
    • New / Eng __python3
      Can I dm you as well?
      May 16
  • Square / Eng xYz!
    There isn’t a huge difference between applying online and internal referral at square. You should just apply at
    Feb 9 0
  • Facebook meyuejjr
    Pm me for snap
    Feb 5 0
  • EA ivanko
    This comment was deleted
    Feb 4 0


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