Two Sigma On-Site

Goldman Sachs / Eng BePostive
Jun 4 5 Comments

Did anyone give Two Sigma on-site interview for Software Engineer position recently?? Need some tips please! 🙏


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  • Two Sigma / Eng mgre
    Define give
    Jun 4 2
    • Goldman Sachs / Eng BePostive
      I mean if someone recently appeared for the on-site! Just need some tips as to how I should be preparing it! If there are certain topics/areas on which I should focus more than the others?
      Jun 4
    • Amazon MDrt82
      Indian op?
      Aug 1
  • Bloomberg ERCd87
    Leetcode medium-hards. Focus on a working efficient solution (they have you code in an IDE and run), don't waste too much time looking for optimal. Also they all ask you to write good tests, e.g. can you generate test cases programmatically, verifying correctness when dealing with randomness, etc.

    FYI this was for TSIQ, idk how reflective this is of other parts of TS
    Jun 5 1
    • Two Sigma / Eng mgre
      Interviews are mostly the same
      Jun 5