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Thanks Blind community. I know a lot of posts here are shitposting and whining and some racist trolls thrown in but fwiw Blind really came through for me during interview and offer negotiation process. Wanted to share some of my experience here since it seems like Blind lately has lost a little steam from early days, or in case someone needed encouragement.

I went through the process with Google, FB and a couple startups at the same time and somehow made my way through to final onsite with each company (not even a phone screen from Dropbox, Pinterest or Ebates though). I scrolled through Blind every day looking for comp data points and company culture to narrow it down. There were lots of valuable nuggets about how to negotiate for each level and what I could expect in terms of wlb by org. Thanks to Blind advice about similar situations I had some good market-driven numbers and was able to leverage competing offers for more comp. In the end FB offered me the highest tc with a team I liked so I came here and am pretty happy as a clam so far.

I definitely would have second guessed myself more, wouldn’t have negotiated as hard or felt as chilled through the interview process if Blind didn’t exist so I’m grateful. Good luck to those interviewing and those who are leetcoding hard. Blind offers a lot of good insight through the process. Keep on keeping on, we’re all slogging through these working years until we reach sweet sweet retirement one day.


YOE: 6
TC: 310k

Edit: Lol I got no more PMs to give. But i do want to help out with some info. Replied below (tacked on to top comment for visibility)


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  • Lyft crossfire
    Op, share your offers and negotiation process please.
    Mar 1 34
    • Amazon .•_•
      Please share with me too. Will be very helpful. Or in the wider audience interest, you could share here as well if you wish!!
      Mar 5
    • Me too
      Mar 6
    • Microsoft olive tree
      Me 2
      Mar 6
    • Share with me please! Thanks
      Mar 7
    • Microsoft
      wyba qnbab


      Google, Amazon
      wyba qnbabmore
      I don’t think OP wants to share inspite of so many people asking.
      Mar 7
  • Western Digital xfcs35
    Happy that it worked 4 u. In the other hand, those were not 2 mins, were more like 90 seconds :)
    Mar 1 7
    • Facebook hphpd
      I hear Google Cloud is hiring very aggressively to compete with AWS and Azure so right now your chances are higher
      Mar 5
    • TextNow Morgand
      Well I mean, they can just interview plenty and still maintain the same bar of difficulty and standard
      Mar 6
    • Google / Eng Mr Glass
      ^ Someone with sense and logic on Blind! OMG what's happening to Blind now? I'm concerned 😅
      Mar 6
    • TextNow Morgand
      ^is that supposed to be a compliment?
      Mar 6
    • McKinsey WxYZ14
      Hi! Could you PM me for tips please as well? Will appreciate!
  • Thanks to Blind I referred someone and got 10k bonus. Easiest money I’ve ever made
    Mar 5 2
  • JLL jhTr50
    Blind is a Korean honey pot used to destabilize and gather surveillance on desperate and unwitting Western worker bees in order to bring down capitalism and the fourth estate.
    Mar 5 3
    • Google / Eng Mr Glass
      I'd like to buy your Tinfoil hat, sir.
      Mar 5
    • Costco TXOA37
      Sweet! I like it even more now. Down with Capitalism! Eat the rich! Do we riot now?
      Mar 5
    • Microsoft / Field Ops MuadDib_
      I needed a good laugh.
      Mar 6
  • LinkedIn FatWeiner
    Why not give back to the community and post your numbers?
    Mar 5 0
  • Amazon why?
    Why PM? Why not in here?
    Mar 5 0
  • Salesforce qawaaaj
    Whoever got an actual response from OP, post it here. Why all the secrecy? Blind helped you but you don’t want to help the next person on Blind? Just nasty
    Mar 5 1
    • Google / Eng Mr Glass
      Or change your username and then post it. OP will never find out anyway and we all benefit 🤔😉
      Mar 5
  • Oracle OraBora
    i wish we had blind when i joined oracle. definitely a helpful place. I dont think whiners are bad ppl we all are whiners depending on our situation. A guy with low TC might whine about TC. A guy with high TC might whine about not having a GF. An M5 might whine about bad WLB. A woman might whine about equality. People will whine especially when its blind. What i cant stand on Blind is TrumpTurds lol
    Mar 5 0
  • healthfinch / Eng bel
    Under no circumstances do I want you to PM me. Congrats.
    Mar 5 0
  • Oracle


    Amazon, Microsoft, 500 Startups
    310 to retirement is long way. But I was the one helping you out all along, so all the best, happy to help. Now I’m looking for my finder’s bonus.
    Mar 5 0
  • Evernote flTr75
    Congrats! Sounds like the (blind) transparency worked well for you. Please reciprocate and share your negotiations process and tips for all. I would be very appreciative.
    Mar 5 0
  • American Express Roger1334
    OP is saying he is happy for the forum that helped him to achieve his goal ...but he'd only share his strategy in PM....Wtf?
    Mar 5 0
  • Amazon / Eng stackit
    Given all the me too's, you could probably do even better then your new great comp as a hiring consultant!
    Mar 5 0
  • Leanplum blings
    How do you know clams are happy?
    Mar 5 1
    • SpaceX / Eng plokjimnb
      Only good post itt
      Mar 5
  • Airbnb / Eng ......!.
    Lol @ all the TC PM thirst queens here
    Mar 5 0
  • Intuit z9nkay
    You get 10 DMs a month OP isn’t going to message all of you
    Mar 5 0
  • I❤️Tarek
    I had an offer from FB, but Blind told me those who work at FB have a shallow moral compass. Thank you Blind.
    Mar 6 3
    • Cisco ciscooooo0
      Same - but they offered be 2 levels below my current role doing diddly squat (granted was higher TC)
      Mar 6
    • Google / Eng Mr Glass
      "diddly squat" 😂😂
      Mar 6
    • Cisco ciscooooo0
      Yeah one of the gals in the interview loop said she just chills on the roof drinking smoothies half the day... guess that would be the life but with a kid would rather have unlimited wfh
      Mar 6
  • Fannie Mae / Product

    Fannie Mae Product

    Product guy. 4 yoe. Looking for opportunities.
    Why don't people just PM him?
    Mar 5 0
  • Qualcomm dynasty001
    Can you shed some light on your preparation and anything that you think would help for someone who is preparing for those companies as well.
    Mar 5 0
  • Pinterest pindiot
    Why don’t you post your negotiation & offers here ? Thank you
    Mar 2 0