TwoSigma SVP

Snapchat bFCN68
Sep 11 12 Comments

Thinking about Two Sigma to be able to invest $$$ into their employee fund.
As I understand, SVP is the lowest level that allows to invest up to 100% of income into the fund.
What are the expectations from SVP engineers?
What is the usual scope of problems they tackle?
What is the TC range and minimum YOE?

YOE 11
TC $290k


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Qualcomm NqAf57
    What is an SVP Engineer? Another banking title gross inflation? πŸ€”
    Sep 11 1
    • Tableau SoundrsFan
      Staff SWE (L6) equivalent
      Sep 11
  • Snapchat wcri00
    11yoe and 290tc? Seems a bit off...
    Sep 11 5
    • Qualcomm NqAf57
      Off in the sense of low or...?
      Sep 11
    • Amazon chdyt728
      Yeah low. I'm at 1 YOE with 240k.
      Sep 11
    • Google justanhombre
      @chdyt728 What is the breakdown of that? Amazon doesn’t offer that to new grads that have been working 1 year. Did you have a PHD or something?
      Sep 11
    • Amazon chdyt728
      Sde2 external hire. No PhD. First year is 156k base, ~70k signon (forget the exact number), and the rest is stock
      Sep 11
    • Google justanhombre
      Oh gotcha, thanks for replying!
      Sep 11
  • Two Sigma unified8
    You're clearly not at Two Sigma SVP level, so I wouldn't worry about it.
    Sep 19 0
  • Two Sigma / Eng mgre
    Do you have an offer already? This is a weird question if you don't.
    Sep 12 1
    • Snapchat bFCN68
      If I had an offer I wouldn't ask :) Getting one takes a lot of prep and luck
      Sep 13
  • Google justanhombre
    Just following. Falalala
    Sep 11 0