Typical American Strategy

Hotwire Achtung!!
Jul 21 5 Comments

1. Enter an uncharted territory - call it innovation
2. Wage a war - call it a startup - even if it incurs heavy losses in the process
3. Establish a monopoly - smoke out the competition through any and all tactics - false promises to employees or investors, marketing techniques or psychological tricks on customers, partnerships and discounts to bully out the competition, etc..
4. Impose a tax - charge for even small and minute features like mandatory registration for using a product just once
5. Create barriers to entry - acquire smaller players and force others to either sell or be wiped out in the competition
6. Binge - just do enough to survive comfortably and be above the competition in market, don't give more to customers or employees than they are ready to suck up for.


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Google / Eng hooli.xyz
    Isn’t that just capitalism?
    Jul 21 3
    • Hotwire Achtung!!
      Nope. Capitalism doesn't have to be monopolistic and driven by greed.
      Jul 21
    • Google / Eng hooli.xyz
      Sure, but how is capitalism currently implemented in our world?
      Jul 21
    • Intel / Other Path2Zero
      Sounds like unregulated capitalism to me. Competitors always seek competitive advantages and aren't opposed to achieving monopoly status.
      Jul 21
  • LinkedIn yakem
    No wonder you work at hotwire.
    Jul 21 0


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