Typical day at Cloudera/Hortonworks

Bloomberg dynamicptr
Nov 3 8 Comments

What is a typical work day like for an engineer at Cloudera/Hortonworks? How much of your time is spent in design and documentTation as opposed to coding? What is the culture like? Would you recommend joining?

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  • Cloudera jvmwiz
    Worst place to be at Management sucks.... unless you want to be bullied and bully people
    Nov 4 2
    • Bloomberg dynamicptr
      Why do you say that? Can you elaborate? Also I heard there’s a lot of Asian dominance in management. True?
      Nov 4
    • Cloudera jvmwiz
      There is very little innovation and no room to grow it is old code bug fixing marathons... if you like that race then join this is the best place to be .. also other major issues most of the time managers don’t give f about you it is all about delivery...we have no HR and no CEO thus you can not even complain about it to anyone
      Nov 4
  • Cloudera VXqX74
    I work at Cloudera and disagree with comment saying that it’s worst place to work. I am not in engineering team and cannot comment about typical day for an engineer but company is awesome. We are going through a major translation which is usually accompanied with some discomfort. Once we pass through that phase, we should be in a good shape. I am not sure about Asian dominance in management but all in all, we are a good company in terms of career growth and opportunities.
    Nov 4 1
    • Cloudera jvmwiz
      Can you please elaborate on career growth and opportunities? I see nothing it is all old no working code stitch together with duck tapes there is nothing new about what w are shipping...About Asian dominance there nothing to hide VP of engineering is Arun and most of the rest is the same.... anyway from engineering standpoint it is bug fixing all day long...
      Nov 4
  • Cloudera badbosses
    @vxqx74 is fooling you
    Nov 4 0
  • Cloudera badbosses
    It is a really shitty place to be. Market is so hot, if you wish to suffer go join
    Nov 4 0
  • Facebook mmmzz
    Nov 3 0


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