UBER folks - Facebook is hiring.

Facebook move_fast
Sep 10 6 Comments

Engineering Managers or Software Engineers. If youre interested DM me or comment.


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  • Uber domin8
    Sep 10 1
    • Facebook bTId74
      Circle of life. Uber hired a bunch of fb folks last year when fb stock was going down. Nothing wrong with either move.
      Sep 10
  • SAP dev$$
    Interested UI engineer
    Sep 10 0
  • Amazon catowayne
    Sep 10 0
  • Amazon kawahi
    Interested. What part of fb?
    Sep 10 0
  • New 9cloud9
    my uber offer for tpm was receind 2 days ago..just before the layoff. I have already left my earlier position....Which email can I send my resume to? Thanks for being a great person.. sincerely appreciate it I am all out of DM .
    Sep 11 0