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St. Joseph Health, Presidio
Jan 15 9 Comments

Anyone works here? Is it a good stable company to work for?


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  • Amazon ytg6t
    Hey finance guys, does blind have a finance lounge? Just curious. This would be a classic "lounge" question.
    Jan 15 4
    • Bank of America / Other tSWv17
      @ytg6t - what's this 'lounge' concept you speak of?! 🤔
      I can't see anything like a 'Finance Lounge' in my options atleast.
      Jan 15
    • Amazon ytg6t
      I'm in two, "tech lounge" and "ecommerce lounge". They appear along the top navigation alongside "timeline", "topics" and "Amazon". Each has dozens of companies in those industries and the most common topic is like the question the OP asked.

      I know there is also a "hardware lounge" that Intel/AMD/Apple/Nvidia/etc are in but I'm not.

      I figured there might be a finance one for people at banks and such.
      Jan 15
    • Bank of America / Other tSWv17
      All I see is 'topics' and 'BofA' tabs on the if inflated TC posts were not enough, now Blind is doing this to us poor 'Finance' folks too.
      Jan 15
    • Amazon ytg6t
      Yeah if they create a finance lounge it will appear to the right of BofA
      Jan 15
  • EPAM Systems paltus
    I've been working here for a year. It is stable place. However I do not recommend it. Some Sortware Engineers must work on Agile workplace - It means you don't have own desk. First come first sit princip. You can't leave anything on workplace overnight, it will thrown away. And no PC, you have to work on virtual machine, horribly slow.
    Aug 6 0
  • UBS sjkc
    I know a friend who works here. Pretty stable in IT side
    Jan 24 0
  • Bank of America / Other tSWv17
    Friend works there; I've interviewed there.
    Good company, but a lot depends upon what you're looking for in this 'Blind' (literally) Era of high TCs.
    Type of team, asset class coverage, technology stack, etc. matters a lot.
    Jan 15 0
  • The way they handle cloud is stupid as well. It is stable company as long as your department has tasks and budget
    Aug 6 0


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