U.S. charges Chinese professor tied to Huawei with criminal theft of IP

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At the center of a complicated U.S. criminal case involving China’s giant telecom firm Huawei is a Chinese professor in Texas named Bo Mao.

The case is significant because Huawei has repeatedly been accused of stealing intellectual property from U.S. companies, which Huawei denies. More broadly, President Trump has repeatedly accused China in recent months for reaping billions of dollars in IP theft from U.S. companies over the past two decades.
A criminal complaint accuses Mao of wire fraud in the theft of intellectual property of the architecture for Solid State Drive (SSD)  controllers for semiconductor storage that was created by startup CNEX Labs in San Jose, California. The case (1:19-cr-00392-AMD1) was recently transferred from a Texas district court to the eastern district federal court in New York. The maximum penalty for a federal wire fraud conviction is 20 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines.


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