US earns from H1b like no other country can

Bank of America blacKnight

Here is my calculations:

The figures are approximate based on USCIS website and fees based on my experience and mentioned website...

Below earning is per year

85,000 (application) X
$1500 (Visa fees) + 3,00,000 (Actual applications) X $500 (attorney charged) + 8,50,000 (Legal H1bs for visa renewal since 2007 to 2018) X ($1000 - normal and premium processing fees average) + 7,00,000 (GC applications) x $1225 + 2,440,000 (Total H1bs now) x $20,000 (Tax every year paid by H1bs employees) = 127500000 + 150000000+ 850000000 + 857500000+ 48800000000 = billions of $... Just H1b from India... I have not accounted direct immigrant and from other counties... I also didn’t count H1b’s visitor comes to US and spend money for traveling and contribute to economy...

do you think any government don’t need this much money every year ?

Still Indian H1bs taking job ? Still legal immigrants from India bad for US ? Seriously?


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  • Google snkprnt1
    Again, if you can't see the bigger picture that h1b are very small percentage of the population, and you and me are perfectly replaceable and think you are too important to not be replaced, you have lost it .

    Remember that this country went to recession in 2008 where it lost 200k jobs (that's equivalent in job numbers to 1/3 of all h1b jobs in US) every month for several months and is chugging along fine.

    Stop being self centered and consider seeing the world around you.

    (Also a h1 Immigrant)
    • Apple KGHP41
      Yeah right. Have you looked at the hiring figures since then? The tech industry hardly lost jobs and they helped the industry grow to new heights.
    • Google snkprnt1
      The 2008 had so much to do with finance industry- and there wasn't a big change in tech. I was referring to the job losses and recovery in finance and overall economy.

      You can also look at 2001 and see how quickly tech recovered. Unless we realize how small portion of the pie we are, folks are bound to think the country will fold without them.

      This country will remain and worst case will go through some short term pain if everyone on h1 is kicked out over a few years.

      Every Immigrant group I know of always has this opinion that if they aren't present, the country will perish. This is a big fallacy.
  • Akamai Technologies / EngTrn
    They are robbing us and making Binions and Binions of $$.. this is a shit deal.. Indians should boycott this by not applying for any Visa..
    • Autodesk / Producthgsuieona
      Have my Binions of upvotes
    • Microsoft / Engbaahubalee
      The money is spent by the company, not directly from the individual's pocket but yes there are billions of dollars companies can spend on expansion and job creation which is spent on work force maintenance.
  • New / Engi i i
    Yes, boycott those crony capitalists, dont apply for visas.
    Remember, every time you apply for US visa, you contribute to imperialism.
  • Amazon t8g5r
    The fees only cover the cost of processing the visas, the US earns nothing from the fees. It's revenue neutral, not costing taxpayers and not providing any funds for other programs.

    The AC21 h1b+i140 hack that resulted in 600,000 people having a status that was meant to be capped at 85,000 means that the system is actually strained by the unexpectedly large number of people with h1b and all those people are effectively in limbo. I don't think it's good for anyone.

    I think we should just cancel the entire h1b program and add the 65,000 general visas to EB3 and the 20,000 master's visas to the EB2 greencard system. Forget about this weird permanent/temporary work visa and issue people greencard as their first visa to come to US.

    Eliminate L1 too and add an appropriate number of visas from that too the greencard system as well. Maybe another 100k. With an additional 185k visas available per year the queue would start clearing.

    Grandfather the people already on h1b/l1 with an approved i140 until their priority date comes so you don't screw up their lives, but take no new applications, and then when the queue clears new people would join the queue and wait outside the US until their priority date and then come to US with greencard in hand.

    The extra 185k visas should clear the existing queue in 5 to 10 years and then it can reset to country caps based on the new higher numbers.

    Also make the country cap proportional to population, I think it has value to ensure India doesn't swamp the system but it's horribly unfair right now, India gets less than half the visas it should get.
    • New / Engi i i
      $750 or $1500 (depends on employers headcount) per h1 goes to american workers education fund.
  • LeanTaaS ♥️ data
    OP.. are you a consultant?
    • Parallon YMpz83
      Might be..but he/she forgot to format the numbers. 😀
  • Proofpoint / Eng


    You take a lead , go back shit India I will follow u..
  • New me2you.
    You know why indians ended up im africa and arab lands? British exploited them for cheap labor.

    Same in US. Indians are digital coolies exploitrd to build digital infrastructure the way chinese used to build railroads.

    Many stupid illegal aliens have larger houses and fancier cars than h1b indians in siliconvalley.
    • Amazon t8g5r
      You know that before that the Mughals used to sell Hindus as slaves to other Muslim nations, right?

      You guys love to blame the British but your picture of what life was like under home rule is a little bit rosy.

      Also by "exploited" you mean they were offered paying jobs and accepted them, just like poor country people still do today. India was as poor country and lots of desperately poor people lept at the chance to earn a wage.

      But hey I guess you prefer to be sold as a slave?

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