Uber - Health Program Manager

Magellan Health CwkX88
Oct 6 3 Comments


Looking for information regarding the Health Program Manager - Strategic Initiatives role.

Is this job still open, salary range, department structure (how many people in the department).



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  • 23andMe LGDQ26
    Uber Health lmao why don't they start a SpaceX competitor too.
    Oct 6 0
  • Uber swagZ
    I used to work on the health team, it’s a great team. The mission is powerful (removing transportation as a barrier to healthcare) and the product is doing well as far as I know. The eng team sits in NYC, the business team in SF. Dm if you have specific questions
    Oct 7 1
    • Magellan Health CwkX88
      DM you some questions
      Oct 7


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