Uber 4/5 sufficient?

Google tSwK76
Apr 1 9 Comments

Had an interview with Uber ATG recently, for 5a/b (level decided in interview, presumably).

My impression is that I did extremely well on HM, Bar Raiser, and one coding round, quite well on the system design round, and medium at best on the other coding round. Got to a solution, but it wasn't optimal. Talked about trade offs, one way to speed it up a lot (memo/dp), and he pushed hard for a better way but time was basically up so I didn't get there. He also looked at his phone a lot, which completely threw me.

Chances of it being a success if 3/5 were fantastic 1 was good/great, and one okish?

L5, TC ~360k (not SF)


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  • Uber Ph.D.
    Should be ok. Might be the deciding factor to level you at 5a instead tho and with that the corresponding TC for it.
    Apr 1 4
    • Google tSwK76
      Yeah I thought that could be the case. Definitely better than a rejection. Would be a shame, but as long as the stock doesn't get totally clobbered by IPO, should be a significantly higher TC than mine'll be soon when I hit my 4 year cliff.
      Apr 1
    • Amazon vswocnfemd
      Google has 4 year cliff too?
      Apr 1
    • Google tSwK76
      Well, of a sign on stock bonus
      Apr 1
    • Goldman Sachs mcsher1
      How hard was the coding question just curious?
      Apr 1
  • Facebook xxkw86
    If you accept the offer but join after IPO, will you get the stock by the 409a price or by the new price?
    Apr 1 1
    • Uber nickki
      You get a fixed number of RSUs when you accept.
      Apr 1
  • Google tSwK76
    Any insight into if Uber can beat a FB E5 offer (185 base, 700k stock (over 4 years, vests immediately))
    Apr 2 1
    • Uber GavinB
      It's about a Uber L5A offer so yes. Not going to get it if you end being leveled at L4 though.
      Apr 2


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