Uber Eats - Hiring

Uber BLKH61
Feb 11 9 Comments

Hiring SSE/ Architect L5A and Sr.EM / EM II. We have recently moved this charter from US to India - Hyderabad.

Be the first Architect or Sr.EM and help us build and scale this Global charter from scratch and be the face of Uber Eats.


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TOP 9 Comments
  • New / Eng Maeve
    Uber is selling Eats to Swiggy in India.
    Feb 21 0
  • New arch135
    Hiring in US or Ind ?
    Feb 11 1
    • Uber BLKH61
      India - Hyderabad
      Feb 11
  • PayPal / Eng naja
    @Op, what's the minimum experience needed for this role?
    Feb 16 0
  • Uber MbQU04
    Uber eats tech is moving from NYC to Hyd?
    Feb 16 0
  • Any l5 data scientist jobs available ?
    Feb 12 0
  • Citrix Systems / Eng Ronaldfoot
    Interested in this opportunity. Please ping me. I have around 2 years exp here
    Feb 12 0
  • Google weebay
    What is a Charter??
    Feb 11 0
  • Works Applications / Eng PsFC28
    @op if there are any roles for 1.5 yoe, please dm
    Feb 11 0

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