Uber Eats: Please Help

Netflix / Eng sfo8492
Mar 2 11 Comments

Sorry if this is lame/inappropriate, but is there an engineer inside of Uber would trade a case of beer or something similar for hopefully sending one email to the right person?

The summary is somehow my account keeps getting blocked (possibly fraud blocks), no payment method works and I get a generic "Please go to help.uber.com if this continues" error when trying to order. Front line support seems to be copy/pasting replies without reading my ticket or escalating, and keep suggesting I try things I've already done after I've said I did them...

This is the fourth time I am dealing with this, and for the last three it took 2~3 weeks of back and forth before I get someone who realizes it needs to be escalated.

I just want to know whether there is someone who can actually help, or if I should just continue in support hell. I'd rather bribe someone at Uber to help than have to invest time in this I'll never get back. Bonus points if you can tell me what the hell is going on, and how to prevent it.

Thank you!


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  • DoorDash rocketa
    Just use Doordash
    Mar 2 1
    • Qualtrics 🏃 🏃
      Yeah, who show “100% tip goes to the driver” and use tip money towards guaranteed pay. DoorDash needs to change this intentional deceiving practice
      Mar 2
  • New


    Harvard Business Publishing, Dick's Sporting Goods
    sex on the beach
    Is blind a customer support forum now?
    Mar 2 0
  • Uber dieja
    You need to go thru standard help channel. We are not allowed to help or look up anyone's account including our own, or we'll be terminated

    Uber eats support sucks badly. If any consolation, when we have issues we go thru same shit support
    Mar 2 3
    • Netflix / Eng sfo8492
      Well fuck me, and apparently you too (based on getting the same support). Not even a support manager I can ask to get my ticket forwarded to the right people?

      It feels like y'all are competing with Google for best of the worst in terms of customer service. 😞

      Thank you for taking the time to reply.
      Mar 2
    • Fraud team can help look into this, I don't have the direct contact though. There are false positive before.
      Mar 2
    • Op, try dm me your email. I will try to get someone contact you to look into it.
      Mar 2
  • Uber gdprrr
    DM me your account id/email.
    Mar 2 0
  • Netflix / Eng sfo8492
    The issue I have is Doordash has way less stuff than Uber Eats does near me. And I've not been impressed with what's on there near me.

    Just need to move. :)
    Mar 2 0
  • Doordash support was good.
    Mar 2 0
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Delivery apps are supposed to make things easier not harder. Customer support is shit, because people like you don’t demand better. Switch providers.
    Mar 2 0


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