Uber Fair Pay Negotiation

Lyft / Ops DuAy38
Mar 7 6 Comments

Expecting an offer from uber for a non-tech role.

They’ve explained their fair pay policy and that there isn’t a ton of room for negotiation on salary, however I’m wondering if anyone knows if there is room to negotiate on the equity (or benefits) side? Or if I may be able to leverage another offer for more base?

Any recent success story’s?

The role is L4, current TC 115k.


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Amadeus Trick2g
    Everything is negotiable in USA. Capitalism at its finest. If you are being told otherwise, then you are being played.
    Mar 7 2
    • Uber central
      True, but it usually depends on how badly they want you or the cost to find replacement. Btw, tax is non-negotiable for most people.
      Mar 7
    • Cognizant / Consultant uberm
      Lol at the tax part
      Mar 7
  • Unity CHURCHES
    Yoe? What kind of equity is uber giving out nowadays to non tech
    Mar 7 1
    • Lyft / Ops DuAy38
      4 years w their direct competitor, not sure what to expect with equity either
      Mar 7
  • Amazon / Ops OpsDeck
    Hey OP I’m currently at Lyft and have an interview with Uber soon. Why are you jumping ship? Ever get to negotiate?
    Mar 11 0


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