Uber L5A —>> Linkedin IC4

Oct 10 5 Comments

currently interviewing at linkedin for noneng finance systems role.

i am currently with uber at level L5
base 163k
rsu 300k
nosign on

linkedin IC4
paycut 10%
base 148K
rsu 300k/4
no signon

would you recommend continuing at uber or coming to linkedin?

finishing 4th year at uber.. i am noneng finance systems professional..


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  • Uber CFxU64
    If you’re going to hit your 5th year. That means you’re only getting refreshers which is nothing compared to the equity grant. You could leave and come back after 6 months to a year to negotiate a full equity package if you leave gracefully. The work is limitless. It sounds like you’ve already made up your mind. Plus the equity situation makes staying hard. Take the time to continue to shop around for more offers? Someone should match you at the least.
    Oct 10 2
    • OP
      Thank you for this.. I haven’t made my mind it’s just I have had 2 rounds and overall it’s been positive. LinkedIn has made it clear this is the best for this level.

      I will finish 4th year in December..
      Oct 10
    • Uber CFxU64
      Honestly. I’d leave on a great note. And come back after a year or try to go to FB/G if you don’t love LinkedIn. The lack in full equity grant makes it understandable why so many people leave after finishing 4 years. Good luck! Great things ahead for you.
      Oct 10
  • Apple KGHP41
    Stay at Uber
    Oct 10 1
    • OP
      It’s getting boring.. manager into politics hiring mediocre talent and og being asked to work extra..
      Oct 10


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