Uber Master Plan

Google Toast&Jam
Apr 12 13 Comments

What if:
- Uber schedules their IPO a few weeks before the Lyft lockup period ends
- Uber IPO’s and attracts lots of attention
- Lyft stock continues to tank
- Uber then uses new surplus of cash to buy tons of Lyft stock on the cheap
- Uber completes hostile takeover of Lyft
- Uber shuts down Lyft and then starts raising prices as they become the dominant market leader to attain profitability

Pure fantasy or potential reality?


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TOP 13 Comments
  • Snapchat AlexHeath
    Fantasy. Regulators won’t sign off on such a takeover. Also Lyft founders have majority voting stake.
    Apr 12 0
  • What if a third leg grew out of your ass?
    Apr 12 0
  • IBM / Eng pussylick
    Can't do that. There are laws that prohibit such take overs unless the specific company is filing for bankruptcy
    Apr 12 0
  • Oracle / Eng wpooh
    Uber is IPOing next month
    Apr 12 0
  • Google Toast&Jam
    Oh yes - forgot about the various stock classes that ensures the founders retain control similar to what google has
    Apr 12 0
  • Google take
    Pure fantasy. Hostile take over may not pass the DoJ. Also there is no guarantee that there won't be a new entrant. Entry into ride hailing just needs some one with no qualms of setting shit loads of money on fire.
    Apr 12 0
  • Indeed / Eng teeni
    Sec would not intervene but anti trust authority would block the deal due to monopoly.
    Apr 12 1
    • Google Toast&Jam
      Taxi industry is still kicking, so doubt there’s a real concern for a monopoly.
      Apr 16
  • LinkedIn jsnewbie
    Every heard of the SEC?
    Apr 12 1
  • Uber lol Blind
    We don’t even have to buy Lyft equity directly, because we can buy the underlying asset which is market share.

    Pure speculation, I think SEC would let Uber buy Lyft if the stock does get really low. Better than allowing Wall Street to bankrupt it with shorts and it going out of business.

    If Lyft can no longer subsidize, and Uber can, why shouldn’t Uber just price Lyft out of business?
    Apr 16 0
  • Lyft t‌esla
    You know all of Lyft is not on stock market right?
    Apr 13 0
  • Google Toast&Jam
    On what grounds could the SEC intervene?
    Apr 12 0