Uber Relocation Tax

New qdJo63
Oct 14 7 Comments

I have 12k credit for my relocation to SF.
Is this 12k after tax or before tax?


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  • Google foony
    It's actually 12k Uber credit. You'll need to take an Uber cross country.
    Oct 14 0
  • Uber google
    Uber pays for the tax on the 12k. They actually screwed mine up initially but they ended up paying it.
    Oct 14 1
    • New qdJo63
      Thanks. I just found this in my contract: "Relocation Payments will be grossed-up for taxes."
      Oct 14
  • relocations are always post, unless the company is an ass
    Oct 14 0
  • SAP ku6s2g
    i am almost sure it is before tax. uncle sam always wants a cut of anything we earn
    Oct 14 0
  • F5 Networks / Eng .build
    Pre Tax.

    TC and YOE?
    Oct 14 0
  • New Loliet
    AFIK it’s always before tax. Ask your HR/recruiter for details.
    Oct 14 0


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