Uber Rewards works (alternate title: I am a sucker for good marketing)

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Mar 9 13 Comments

Very smart of Uber to launch this plus give me platinum right off the bat. Ever since Uber Rewards, I’ve stopped opening all of the competitor apps, not just Lyft, but also Doordash and Postmates and Caviar.


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  • Uber uLyftBro?
    Glad you like it! Yet, we would hope you enjoy the fast eta, reliable service, and helpful customer support even more :) In case that you are not, know that there are teams working hard to exceed your expectations.
    Mar 10 3
    • Leanplum blings
      Yesterday I put an order on UberEats. About 35 mins later, I check on it, only to find that the restaurant decided to reject my order (no reason given), and I didn't even get notified by the app. Terrible experience.
      Mar 10
    • Uber foogoomoo
      That’s unfortunate. I hope you got your $ back. And hope we exceed tour expectations next time around. It’s a 3 sided market place and there are multiple things that could go wrong in short period of time and we have lot of human factors to account for in on restaurant side and driver side. I’m sure next time it’s not the case.
      Mar 10
    • New vpkf84
      Please please please update the admin restaurant interface! It was such a pain to use when I was helping my wife set up her restaurant’s Uber menu about a year ago!
      Mar 10
  • New naduruk
    Actually today I heard the ad in Spotify. Felt it’s a great move.
    Mar 9 1
    • Uber CoolStory
      Marketing 1 : 0 Engineering
      Mar 10
  • New naduruk
    Also, I feel they are the only one who can compete well with Amazon.
    Mar 9 2
    • Uber bag#3
      Compete in what sense?
      Both are in completely different markets
      Mar 10
    • New naduruk
      Uber eats vs amazon delivery.
      Mar 10
  • New naduruk
    Do I see an Uber Prime in the progress ?
    Mar 10 0
  • Uber DyJKbcf
    Hopefully we keep some first move advantage even when Lyft puts out their own
    Mar 10 0
  • Cisco SLmG30
    If I used it every day I might check it out, I only use Lyft 2-3 times a month and have been very happy with it. I only use Uber if Lyft isn't available (and I can't remember the last time I had that problem). We
    Mar 19 0
  • Facebook public2
    True story: uber keeps trying to get me to join but whenever I try to app crashes lol
    Mar 10 0


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