Uber Salary - Take it or leave it? Help!

Nov 12 19 Comments

Hi All - Uber is offering me an associate manager of client success position for $110k annual base + $11k worth of RSU over 4 years equally.

i have been at a director level at small ireelevant startups making $140 - $150k annual base with $10k bonus.

Should i take this as its 2 steps back in titles and $30k lower? or do you all think it helps my career? (i have 12 years of experience now in customer success/implementation).

Thank you all so much for any insight you offer.


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  • New mlpK66
    Absolutely not 😳 stay put. Give it another 6-12 months and you could go UP 30k (or more) with a FAANG.
    Client success at Uber for a demotion AND pay cut? MAYBE in a few years but the work you do and the company you do it with has to be appropriately compensated with trolling & cancel culture on the rise. I wouldn’t be surprised if you double your income elsewhere. Companies are putting way more value on this work.
    12+ years? Yea, you’ve more than earned an increase for a move...I wonder the rationale on Uber’s side? Curious - are you in SF?
    Nov 12 5
    • New mlpK66
      Also 10k bonus at that base seems a little low. For next role, I would push for 15-20k bonus if you stay in that base range.
      Nov 12
    • OP
      Thanks so much for the detailed response bud. This is for the Chicago office.
      Nov 12
    • OP
      Yeah it was almost insulting when they told me the role and pay considering my experience. The only reason I got excited is because I don’t have a big company on my resume. But have had no problem making bigger base salaries with small companies and great cultures.
      Nov 12
    • New mlpK66
      Nice. Yea. In that case, be a little extra if you decide to decline. Ask for an address - send a written thank you or digital gift card(s) for a coffee with people that stood out to you during interview flow. Uber is on the rise and an incredible company, but as far as big company experience ? Way better out there ... at least WAY better comp.

      This is a solid start, and great networking. Maintain the relationships, but I agree. Insulting.
      Nov 12
    • OP
      Really appreciate it mlpK!
      Nov 12
  • Salesforce gwart
    Nov 12 0
  • eBay / Eng

    eBay Eng

    Frankly, that's a leap backwards going to nearly any company, especially to Uber.
    Nov 12 1
    • OP
      Definitely! Thanks so much bud
      Nov 12
  • Uber Harrie
    Wouldn't advise it mate, lots of movement at Uber, stay put or consider other companies.
    Nov 12 1
    • OP
      Thanks so much, Harrie!
      Nov 12
  • Uber sndbrv
    Seems like they’re lowballing you, no reason to validate that tactic by accepting. Don’t accept unless it’s a raise, and consider telling the recruiter as such.
    Nov 12 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Facebook, Amazon
    Facebook, Amazon Software Engineering.
    FAANG up!
    Nov 12 0
  • Wells Fargo Bigilaee
    Definitely Uber will helps your career and next move, open doors for biggies.
    You can accept the offer and keep interviewing, if you get better offer - you can always move out of UBER!
    Nov 12 1
  • PayPal NotTamil
    Leave it, you ll get something better.
    Nov 12 0
  • New h0r4y
    If you take it, then be prepared to get laid off at any time.
    Nov 26 0
  • Facebook / Product lajdhxbdk
    Nov 14 0
  • Genesys / Creative

    Genesys Creative

    Stay. Uber has all the money in the world to pay you 150.
    Nov 12 0


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