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Google AI Snot
May 10 7 Comments

Uber finally debuted today at $45, lower end of its price target. Despite that the stock touched a low of $41. China trade talks and market sentiment is a factor. At what price will you consider buying Uber stock, if at all?



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TOP 7 Comments
  • Google LyLs67
    Can we stop with the autonomous vehicle bullshit for fucks sake. Avs are not happening in this decade so let that go. Just talk about the present
    May 10 0
  • Microsoft / Mgmt Dunph
    I think at $20 they would be a good mid term bet, will sell during the window between lyft running out of money, and Google and others hasn't rolling out their autonomous rideshare fleet
    May 10 0
  • Tile Klrs21
    Av does not imply full automatuon, selective high volume situatuons can be automated. Google may not do it in next decade because it may be looking for level 5, but level 4 is not very far. So fuck sake learn more before showing frustration
    May 10 1
    • Google LyLs67
      How will not having full autonomy help in taxis? You can talk your know it all talk but really look at what is going on with the Phoenix trail . It's not working
      May 10
  • Facebook dhsushs
    AV and the entire ML thing is so overrated
    May 10 0
  • Yahoo Genius
    Well may be the question is when to close your short position is better
    May 10 0
  • Bloomberg bbnhg
    Full self driving (level 5) might not happen for a decade atlest. If anyone is interested in understanding all the long tail problems associated with level 5 then I would recommend you to watch https://youtu.be/LSX3qdy0dFg

    So if we are talking of level 4 happening soon, then that would still mean that a driver is in the car and that person has to be paid irrespective of who is paying (Tesla, waymo, Uber etc). So level 4 can't really kill Lyft/Uber.

    So I still think Lyft/Uber can grow and be profitable at least till level 5 automation is achieved which is still another decade away.
    May 10 0