Uber atg Pittsburg

Fiat Chrysler bQHO42
Jan 10 5 Comments

Hey all,
I would like to know how is it to work at uber atg pittsburgh. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working for company like uber. I have heard a lot of negatives around but i genuinely feel that they are putting in lot of efforts on self driving car technology. #selfdrivingcar


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  • Uber Pronto
    Stay away from ATG is what everyone at who used to work in ATG or Uber HQ employees will tell you. All the top talent already left that org.
    Jan 11 1
  • Fiat Chrysler bQHO42
    Aurora doesnT have testing openings. I am mechanical engineer and cannot get into hardcore coding jobs
    Jan 10 1
    • Aurora bystander!
      Grab a recruiter on LinkedIn, and bug him/her. We have all sorts of needs.
      Jan 10
  • Aurora bystander!
    Jan 10 0

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