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eBay svpm
Jun 6 11 Comments

Hi blinders - expecting an offer from Uber. I have a few questions:

- how is wlb? Blind seems to suggest wlb is good now.
- what are the benefits and perks?
- how easy is it to move to different teams. How long do you need to stay in the role before moving?
- is it a collaborative culture? Or cut throat and aggressive?
- does Uber provide sign on bonus and relocation if I am moving from end of bay area to another?
- are there any bus shuttles?


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  • Arista Networks jfkjfjci
    Jun 11 0
  • Uber vаr
    If you don't like the team you interviewed for you can ask your recruiter to match you with another team. This is what I did before joining. No reason to join with the idea of transferring
    Jun 6 7
    • MathWorks ofibebehn
      I just had a conversation with hiring manager. You won't have to reinterview. My technical rounds were generic. Only the hiring manager round was team specific. Not sure if your technical rounds were domain/team specific..
      Jun 6
    • eBay isb
      Can I DM you for additional questions?
      Jun 6
    • MathWorks ofibebehn
      Jun 7
    • Uber vаr
      @eBay, when you are joining you don't need to reinterview, but when you transfer you might
      Jun 7
    • eBay isb
      DMed you Var.
      Jun 7
  • MathWorks ofibebehn
    Recently accepted an offer (Seattle)
    1. I have heard Wlb is good too at least for Seattle. Maybe someone from Uber can comment on that
    2. Benefits - Uber credits, Gym membership, Public transportation tickets (bus pass in Seattle), Insurance, of course but no 401k matching though
    3. According to the team that I will be joining, it pretty easy but you need to stay for a while (3-6 months) before moving...is what I was told.
    4. No idea on overall culture yet.
    5. They provide sign on cash. For relocation, it's a reimbursable fixed budget.
    6. No Uber shuttles but they provide passes as mentioned before.
    Jun 6 0
  • eBay isb
    Bump! Would like to hear more Uber folks comment please.
    Jun 7 0