Uber recruiter ghosted

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Apr 25 5 Comments

I was scheduled to talk to uber recruiter yesterday. Ten mins prior to the interview, I knew I was running late (ironically interviewing someone for my team). So I wrote a quick email if we can start 10 mins late. No response. Within 15 mins, I was done and wrote back that I was ready when she was. No response. One more email today, no response.

I don’t want to read too much into it but also don’t want to lose opportunity to discuss a role at Uber.

Did I screw up by asking to start 10 mins late? Did I screw up big time that I should not expect the recruiter to call back?
Does anyone have similar ghosting experience with Uber?


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  • Amazon pancake02
    Heyo! I got ghosted by uber too. Maybe we had the same recruiter :)
    Apr 25 0
  • Amazon hell-o
    I never experienced this but it sounds childish if they ghost you for that. These things happen to anyone anytime and as long as being late isn't life threatening like Doctor late for critical operation, you did no harm. What did happen to me with FB before is my recruiter (not me) was late to call. We ended up doing it later but then she just sent me an email saying I won't go through phone interviews.
    Apr 25 0
  • Microsoft


    Matches my experience with Uber. Expect an apologetic email back in a few days. Follow up if you don’t get one and you still want the job
    Apr 25 0
  • Amazon simpledb
    I had this happen too ...
    Apr 25 0
  • Wtf
    Apr 25 0


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