Uber valuation = 85 billion

Quora iSjP52
Mar 24 5 Comments

Uber acquired Careem in cash and stock while valuing Uber shares at $55 each. The last round was a $62 billion valuation at $40 per share. Do the math and you get 85 billion, without dilution.

This might be a slight discount but not likely much, guessing Uber will IPO below $100B now.


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  • Proofpoint / Other smallss
    Does Quora have plans to go public?
    Mar 24 2
    • New lolamin
      How is that even relevant
      Mar 24
    • Rubrik PartyStick
      I would ask this question on Quora to create an infinite recursion crashing the site
      Mar 24
  • KPMG syVP80
    It will go more than 100
    Mar 26 0
  • Hey look. If you give me 1$ for 0.00001% of my company, I'm now a paper billionaire!!

    Pretty much what Uber is trying to do by pushing their valuation
    Mar 25 0